Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Freeroll Baby!!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

No action this weekend

It was a slow weekend, with very little poker being played. With mother's day, my wife being busy with work, and the nanny off, it was a very busy weekend just going through regular activities. The kids had a birthday party, we went to the movies, and then I took my wife out for dinner last night, and so all of that translates into no poker.

My wife does have her trip planned for this summer and is taking the kids up to Canada for two months starting June 27th. Until then, I don't see a lot of poker being played, but after that, well, I see the opposite.

Hope everyone is doing well, and good luck at the tables.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

$6,000 Win!

Wow, my biggest poker score to date. Quick background - 16 guys put together a WSOP group, where we had a series of tournaments leading up to the final last Saturday, where the winner would get $12,000 for the WSOP main event, and the 2nd place finisher would get $4,000, with the idea of that going towards one of the prelim events.

We started the final with 2 tables of 8 people, with the average chip stack of approx. 10,000 and blinds at 25/50, so there was a lot of play. I hit the nut flush on the river early on a guy that flopped trips, flopped a boat with pocket 9s with my opponent flopping trips, hit a set of 2s, 3s and 4s and quickly found myself with 25,000 chips. With 5 players left on the other table, and 6 on ours, I got it all-in blind vs. blind with AQss against AJcc, and even though there was a J in the door, I ended up with a flush on the river.

I entered the final table 1st in chips with 35,000 chips. There was one other player with about 30,000 and nobody else had more than 17,000. There were 3 very short stacks, which we got rid of in 2 orbits. We get down to 5 players, and then the action started.

By this time, the player to my right was the chip leader with about 60,000 chips, I had 45,000, and the other stacks were 28k, 22k and 10k. Two of the shorter stack got it all-in preflop with QQ vs. 33, with the shorter stack having 33. Of course, a 3 of the river was a disaster for the other player, who went out on the very next hand with K9 vs. KJ. Down to 4 players, Luis the chip leader gets it all in with top pair vs. an OESFD, with his top pair holding. We are down to 3 with Luis having 100,000 chips, 40,000 for me and 20,000 for 3rd place.

It worked out well for me, because the short stack was on my left, so whenever Luis would fold the button, I would move all in with almost any two cards and the player would fold. At this point, blinds were 1k/2k, so each hand hurt the short stack a lot.

He was down to about 14k, and I had about 44-45k, and we got it all in, I had KQ, he has 63dd. Of course, he flops a flush and that was that... On to the next few hands where either Luis or I was raising, and the short stack was folding.

About 4 hands later, short stack limps, and Luis checks. Fireworks then ensue on a KQ9 flop, where the short stack has Q9 and Luis has KQ. Perfect scenario for me! KQ holds and I am heads-up.

First order of business was a deal, and we agreed that 2nd place would be $6k and $10k for first. Heads-up didn't take long, as I was outchipped 3-1, and we got it all in preflop with my KJ vs. his A7. Ace on the flop, and it was over.

Am I disappointed that I didn't win? Sure. But I will take the $6,000. A sweet amount for second place.

So, I finally have a live bankroll to play with. Hopefully we will be playing some more tournaments soon. And, I will be getting some more online to play some SCOOP tournaments and the MiniFTOPS.

Good luck to everyone, and thanks to all those for their congrats.



Friday, April 23, 2010

Back in the swing of things...

...The whole BBT5 thing has gotten me motivated again. I will be depositing $100 on FT and PS and getting started again.

Haven't played in so long it seems, that I don't remember how to win anymore...

Hopefully that will change as I get going.

Hope everyone is well. Good luck at the tables.


Friday, April 16, 2010


I guess with this thing starting up, I should make a post and get excited. Haven't played a lot of poker lately, but I would be more than excited to try and take down a seat to the WSOP.

Good luck everyone!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wow, has it been that long...

Let's just say, blogging and/or playing poker has not been high on my priority list these days. After making some serious life altering decision (being a better Christian, focussing on working out and getting in shape, being with my kids and family more, etc.) poker moved way down the list as far as importance.

I had taken my roll offline and left about $100 on between PS and FT, which is exactly where I still am, with $65 on PS and $35 on FT.

With the wife going out of town on Saturday with the kids for 7 weeks, I am jumping back on the poker train. I will probably be multitabling 10NL buying in for $5 to start, and then see where we go from there.

Also, I plan on playing some of the $3 rebuy tournaments that I never seem to get a chance to play.

Also on my hit list is trying to qualify for a few of the FTOPS tournaments coming up and actually playing them instead of gaying out and taking the T$.

Hope we can get this ship running, will start updating frequently now.

GL everyone remaining in the Main Event!!